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Accepting Card Payments


Paying by card has now become the most popular way to pay for goods and services. For those accepting card payments there can be a range of benefits. Consumers are more likely to make unplanned purchases, there is no more "cheque in the post" and they are expecting to be able to pay by card.

Chosing how to accept it though requires some thoughts and consideration. There are a number of ways to accept card payment and when which provider to use, sometimes just chosing the lowest rates doesnt mean the cheapest!



Small, seasonal and temporary businesses.



Sometimes entering into a contract for a card terminal just won't cut it for a small business and once upon a time that was the only way...but not any more!


On the market nowadays are terminals which are yours to keep for a one off fee. The rates are slightly higher than those for a contracted terminal but, if you're taking less than around £1000 a month on card they are not only convienient but cost effective too!


They look good, and can come part of a EPOS system and have many features and benefits to the merchant. Plus, they have no monthly fees or hidden costs.


Virtual Terminals & Online Payments


Often there is a requirement to take payment over the phone. If this is a big part of how you sell then consider a Virtual Terminal.


A virtual terminal is a web-based payment system for processing over-the-phone transactions. It's basically a virtual card machine and you don't even need a company website to get one. Set up is quick and easy and you will be taking payments over the phone on any smartphone, tablet or PC in no time. Perfect for call centres or mail order businesses.  No technical integration needed


Online Payments

Whether you are have retail store, a digital business or something in between can help to get you trading online using our payment gateways. For new business and startups a brilliant option is the hosted payment page offering fast and secure transactions. At the point of purchase clients are taken from your website to the secure payment page to complete the transaction. We can also provide a tailored, branded integrated payment page that sits in your website.


Card Terminals


Need to take payments in person? Then a card terminal is the best option. There are 3 types:

  1. Countertop (telephone or ethernet). Ideal for static locations at the till or sales desk.
  2. Wireless. Connects via bluetooth or wi-fi, a portable machine is great for restaurants, bars and pubs where you need to take payments away form the till.
  3. Mobile.Using a roaming sim card, mobile card machines can be taken anywhere. Great for farmers markets, exhibitions, festivals and trades people, you can take payments wherever you are.


Contracted terminals are able to print receipts and are what consumers expect in to see in shops. Either stand alone or connected to an EPOS system.



Why use us?


Black Knight can offer you the following*:


  • Free review of your current charges and advice from a payments specialist
  • Save up to 50% on your card processing charges
  • Small business specialists
  • No joining or set up fees
  • No cancellation fees when you leave at the end of your contract
  • No hidden charges
  • No MMSC (Minimum Monthly Service Charge)
  • Low-cost transaction rates and monthly terminal rental
  • Faster Payments with same day settlement to your bank account
  • Real Time transaction data with Analytics
  • Simple and straightforward set up


If you would like a review then please obtain a copy of a bill and if possible establish by calling your current provider when your contract end date is and how much a early exit fee would be.




*If CardPay365 is used otherwise features may vary

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